Friday, 20 April 2012

To Employ or not to employ

Possibly the biggest leap of faith after establishing a business - at what point do you take the plunge and accept responsibility for paying someone elses wages, take the risk of letting outside people into your business. So what are the options available?

School leaver - can be moulded more, will need significant time training so will not be 'fee earning' initially, but the cost of employing would be lower.

Junior level - costs are starting to rise, but also the ability to carry out the job is already there so there would be an element of autonomy.

Senior level - costs have peaked, but except for a little training on coding they should be good to go straight away, however they may be fixed in a way of how things should be done - but conversely may have some very useful ideas into improvements which could be made in the business.

Then there is the nature of the employment - full time, part time, limited contract, summer work experience or even apprentice (not that I'm suggesting I'll follow Lord Sugars lead - unless the BBC are interested).

Finally there is the nature of that person - should they be an out and out Surveyor with little or no administrative input, or should they be completely office based dealing with the marketing of the business and progressing the various policies that are in place?

These are big decisions for any business, but especially for one in its early stages! Any helpful suggestions out there? I think there will be a lot of sleepless nights over this one.

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