Thursday, 7 November 2013

Competitive Quotes - sublime to the ridiculous

'How can anyone do the work for that!'  A favourite line from a respected local Surveyor who has taught me a lot over the years, but now finds himself in direct competition.  Until starting up a business it was always an amusing moment, now it becomes a frustrating reality.

It is true every now and again you will lose a job to a competitor who has completely lost the plot and submitted a tender which is designed to win the work and not make a profit.  We've all done it in the early stages to gain work or carry favour with a new client, but sometimes you start wondering "am I really quoting for the same job with the same specification?".  Sometimes you know you are the cheapest, but still the work goes elsewhere because of existing loyalties or recommendations which are both accepted when the numbers involved make the difference in the tens of pounds!

The main problem comes down to the information provided, and the final product you are willing to accept.....

What we need from you

Every Survey company is different, every Architect wants something different displayed on their plans hence the need to tailor a survey for the client, and not provide a mass produced uniform survey for every site.  But remove all of the quirks there are still some basic requirements a Surveyor will need to price a job for you.

1) MAPS  -  An accurate site plan clearly marking the site area you are interested in.  We don't want a vague red line encompassing a massive area around the small extension being planned.  Be concise as it will affect the price.  But don't just provide a map, the actual address is essential to find the site on Google Earth or Bing.

2) PURPOSE  -  The final purpose of the survey can be a factor as it will affect whether we can use a local grid or national grid, whether every little tree in a woodland is essential or an unnecessary luxury, or if the heights of surrounding windows will have an impact.  It will also raise the question of whether you will also need a sight line survey for the proposed access point.

3) USER  -  as well as the surveys purpose, the nature of the end user is also useful to determine how the results need to be produced.  If you have appointed an Architect or Developer it will always be useful to consult them first before approaching us, or let us approach them directly to discuss the work.

4) ACCESS  -  As Surveyors we can often be found in unusual places, we need to know that the right people can be informed of our presence.  Farmers with itchy trigger fingers need to be on our side, and the police might not understand the reason we broke into a site because a key was not provided!

5) TIME - Whilst we will bend over backwards to try and return a tender within the timescales requested there will always be times when getting an e-mail at 5pm asking for a quote by lunchtime the following day will not be possible.  Ideally we need at least 48 hours notice to prepare a tender depending on the complexities, but we will always get a tender out in some format.

6) PHOTOS - Whilst google maps is a wonderful tool, there is nothing that can compete with recently taken images of the site showing us the areas of interest (and the fact they are not heavily overgrown or hidden behind a massive advertising hoarding - it happens!).

What you'll get back

Our most competitive price, clearly outlining what you will get included for that price.  We will also provide an indication of timescales to complete the work but if you are in any doubt of the timescales it is always best to call us first as our work is constantly changing one week to the next.

So if you do need a tender please get in touch through our website,

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