Friday, 2 November 2012

2012 - Still on Target?

2012 is our first full calender year of trading and, like most companies, we had SMART targets.  Oh yes I have been on those courses as well where you get deluged with acronyms.  Clearly some is getting through as our targets had been established, although there will be some overlap with calender and financial years lets see how we are doing....

  1. Facebook Likes Target: 100, by July 2013. Currently 68
  2. Linkedin Connections Target 300, by July 2013.  Currently 328
  3. Twitter (@RLSurveys) Followers Target 200, by July 2013.  Currently 208
  4. Blogger Views Target 1000, by end of 2012. Currently 1342
  5. Topo Survey Enquiries Target 100, for 2012.  Currently 96
  6. All survey enquiries Target 200, for 2012.  Currently 150
  7. Set Up ISO9001, by end of 2nd years trading - Done
  8. Achieve STEMS Silver, by end of 2nd years trading - Done
  9. Maintain job tender to success ratio above 50% - TBC
So looking back at those figures we are looking pretty good for Year 2, although it does mean our goals and targets for 2013 need to be higher because achieving most of your goals with ease might be a good confidence boost but it is a little bit of hollow victory (see England v San Marino!!).

Out of the nine targets, five are already completed, one verging on completion, one will not be known until the end of the year, and two looking like coming up short - so if you're reading this and haven't liked us on Facebook pop over to and help us on the way, or better still if you have a survey that needs doing find our contact details on, fifty tenders in two months it's a long shot but anything is possible!