Monday, 12 August 2013

Policies & Paperwork Part II

ISO9001:2008, pardon?

With the assistance of specialist company IMSM we are now accredited to ISO9001:2008, which means?? From November 2012 all works carried out by us will be covered by the documentation to ensure we follow prescribed methods for carrying out surveys, and recording the results in a sensible and traceable manner. Systems have been put into place to ensure that all information leaving this office is correct (not sure they cover blogging though!).

How does it help us and you?

With this accreditation R L Surveys can ensure a consistent method of working whom ever undertakes your survey from now into the future.  It will give our clients the piece of mind that we are taking the quality of our product seriously from the traverse results to getting the clients name right on the drawing sheets.  

Our first certification, the first of many......
Within the system there is an on going commitment to the improvement of our systems, a method of recording queries and complaints both from clients & staff a like.  The comments will be taken on board and discussed at bi-annual review meetings, and action will be taken.

As well as the bi-annual reviews, we will carry out monthly internal audits into the systems to ensure the practises are working, and look at areas which may need improvement.  These audits can be undertaken by anyone within the organisation after having a brief period of instruction, and our Directors welcome other staffs' input into the system, and even auditing of their work.

Our accreditation is only valid for one year, at which time an external auditor will visit the company, and review the progress we have made before deciding whether to recommend re-accreditation or a period of review to correct some areas before be issuing the certification.

Quality Assurance = Paperwork

Normally I'd agree but the systems set up are developed in line with the existing systems, and intended to compliment the business activities of the company, not create additional work and a monthly chore. Externally people should not see a change to high level of services, but there will be the added piece of mind. There is however a slight responsibility on our clients, we will continue to send out review forms to ensure our performance meets the expectations required of us so look out for your form in the post, and please take a moment to fill it in honestly (good (hopefully) or bad).

Why now?

The plunge was taken with the assistance of IMSM, a specialist company dealing with getting companies to the required level and then ensuring they maintain this level to keep the accreditation current.

The long term intention is to grow the business, but we felt that getting the ISO in place at an early stage would make the growth easier as it would be based on a solid, and approved, set of systems which could be transferable between offices, and easily taught to new starters.

Ask me again in a years time, I'll let you know if the effort has been worth it...

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