Thursday, 28 June 2012

Remote Phone Numbers

A useful way of expanding your business into a new area without the cost of setting up a new office initially? Or a waste of money because everyone can do it these days?  Obviously 0845 is no way to go as it's far to generic but is a local number in another area much better?  I see a lot of businesses now coming up with the new 0203 number for London but clearly they don't have London based offices - so is it the way forward for a business on a limited budget?

If you have a local rate number surely the fees you charge have to represent the travel from that location, and not your head office location - this must be a big hit on the cost of getting to your 'official' starting point?  Do you have to back up your local rate number with a local address to add a little bit of weight to the concept & to get to into the wonderful world of Google places?

Perhaps I'm thinking it through too much and should just take the plunge for a few months, test the water and see where it leads sort of concept.  The alternative is Plan B - don't get larger get smarter and use a network of Surveying firms to create the illusion of a larger organisation but again this can be fraught with pit falls along the way, although I have seen a similar concept be fairly success in the Architectural environment - I think a little fishing exercise might be this space.

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Friday, 15 June 2012

What is a Surveyor?

It's almost a weekly occurrence that someone asks me to provide a structural building survey or something similar, as yet no one has asked me to value fine art but one day who knows.... So here we go a one stop guide to most of the common forms of Surveying:-

Land Surveying - Often regarded as a second oldest profession, this is a profession concerned with the measurement of land and property.  These are the guys you call in to prepare very detailed maps before design works begin, they are also heavily involved in establishing property boundaries, and very precise structural monitoring.

Quantity Surveyingis a profession working within the construction industry concerned with building costs.  Of in more vague terms counting bricks!!

Building Surveyingis a profession concerned with Building Pathology, how a building is construction and where if any faults may lie.  These are the guys you call in for a structural survey before you buy a house.

Arts & Antiques Surveyor - a profession dealing with the valuation, purchase, sale & management of antiques & fine arts

Minerals Surveyor - a profession concerned with the use, value, management & exploration of mineral deposits.

Valuation Surveyor - The profession to call to get a true valuation on your home or property.
Planning & Development Surveyor

Project Management Surveyor - Responsible for the planning, co-ordination, management and financial control of any building scheme.

Environmental Surveyor - Surveyors who use surveying techniques to understand the potential impact of environmental factors on property & construction.  And assess a similar impact of property & construction on the environment. 

Commercial Property Surveyor - A professional advising on the buying, selling & leasing of commercial properties.

There are other forms of Surveyors so feel free to chip in with other examples, or get your own faculty of Surveying on the list.  

With most forms of surveying there is the potential to have the designation 'Chartered' in front of these jobs.  The effect of this one word is to show that as a professional you have been recognised by your peers already in the Chartered Institute as a competent person in your field.

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