Thursday, 28 June 2012

Remote Phone Numbers

A useful way of expanding your business into a new area without the cost of setting up a new office initially? Or a waste of money because everyone can do it these days?  Obviously 0845 is no way to go as it's far to generic but is a local number in another area much better?  I see a lot of businesses now coming up with the new 0203 number for London but clearly they don't have London based offices - so is it the way forward for a business on a limited budget?

If you have a local rate number surely the fees you charge have to represent the travel from that location, and not your head office location - this must be a big hit on the cost of getting to your 'official' starting point?  Do you have to back up your local rate number with a local address to add a little bit of weight to the concept & to get to into the wonderful world of Google places?

Perhaps I'm thinking it through too much and should just take the plunge for a few months, test the water and see where it leads sort of concept.  The alternative is Plan B - don't get larger get smarter and use a network of Surveying firms to create the illusion of a larger organisation but again this can be fraught with pit falls along the way, although I have seen a similar concept be fairly success in the Architectural environment - I think a little fishing exercise might be this space.

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