Friday, 4 January 2013

2012 a distant memory?

That's all folks, 2012 has been put to bed and 2013 is just rubbing its eyes and working out what to do next.  Sadly for 2013 it has a big act to follow in 2012, but it can but try.

Whilst it is always nice to look back at the past, and revel in past success (or dwell on past failures) the only benefit is to learn and move forward, in this case, into 2013.  This year will bring around some exciting changes for R L Surveys in many ways, being our second full trading year we can look forward to:-

  1. A increased presence in the boundaries market.  With a Chartered Surveyor on board we are now able to work through boundary disputes under guidelines laid down by RICS, the industries governing body, as well as push the other areas of boundaries such as demarcation & first registration.
  2. With a new toy in the cupboard we are looking forward to providing a complete measured building survey services.  The final investment of 2012 was a Leica C10 laser scanner, the capabilities of which can be found on our website, or through this brief Youtube video (Thank you Paul Burrows of Leica).  This new piece of kit enables our Surveyors to carry out site surveys in a fraction of the time previously with a large element of safety, and a much much greater coverage of data.
  3. Completion of our accreditation to ISO9001 which will give our customers peace of mind about the product we produce.
  4. With these new developments we will need to expand our workforce to service the ever growing demands on our time, so again keep an eye on our website for the vacancies as they appear.
With those thoughts in mind it just leaves me to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  Lets raise a glass to whats to come in 2013.

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