Thursday, 9 April 2020

Finding a Different Perspective

First Day back after the 2019 Christmas break......always important to remove the out of office assistant (set for a few days time just in case you fancied a few extra days!) and check your calendar for the coming weeks before starting your first survey of the year...…..

...and of course got drenched, even at my size!  The water droplets are massive, and the kit takes just as long to dry out!!

 Sometimes we have to set up some unusual places to get our work done, but whenever you think you've gone far enough there is another challenge - keeping your feet dry!

But wherever you end up, you could always do with the helping hand and a slightly more elevated vantage point.

There are always days when a better vantage point makes absolutely no difference at all, you just have to knuckle down pull out the slasher and get on with the work at a much slower pace!

Unfortunately we have yet to invest in a 'mini' laser scanner so it is back to the tried and tested ways for me, but being this height makes the higher observations even harder to get in position for!

And of course no matter wherever you are or whatever you are doing someone always asks you to take their picture!! But from a safe distance of course!

Stay Safe People!

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