Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Seven months on......

Now well into 2012 business is gradually picking up to a gentle trot, and we're making massive movements in our Google ranking thanks to a exhaustive effort in the admin department. It's amazing how the last decade has seen the Internet become the central part of any marketing strategy. Has it made life easier - probably as you can reinforce points made to people during a cold call. Is it easy - no, but if it was that easy I wouldn't get phone calls everyday promising to get me on Page 1 of Google for a small fee!! Next challenge is to elevate our position on a number of our other 'benchmark' searches - namely Land Surveyors London!

As the business is evolving I'm finding the work taking me more and more into the realms of paper work - do we have a Health & Safety Policy, Environmental Policy, Quality Assurance Policy?? Sometimes paper work can take over, but with the long term goal being growth setting up correctly now will save no end of problems in the future.

Our results initial from 2011 so far are very promising with 23 tenders issued of which only 3 are confirmed as lost, 12 completed and paid for, and 8 outstanding! Not bad for two months full time work.

The next big company mile stone is the purchase of our own equipment which might mean a slight drop in prices (good news for all our clients) as we no longer have the significant headache of equipment hire for most jobs. But as with anything there will always be an exception.

Over the next few months I'll be looking at certain aspects of starting a business with topics ranging from Networking to ' Behind the Lens'. If you are looking to start your own business please feel free to make some suggestions and I'll gladly try and work them in when I have some free time.

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