Thursday, 12 January 2012

Taking the Plunge

Big Mistake or Master Stroke?

At the moment it's hanging in the balance but do I regret handing in my notice from a nice safe job with a guaranteed monthly income? Not for a minute. Why stay in a job with no future, and where the work ethic has evolved to such a state that people have lost sight of why they got into the business? Taking nothing away from them I enjoyed working there, but there comes a point when you want to pursue your own goals in your own way, not as directed by others.

So here we are - R L Surveys Ltd - started with the best intentions, ran through a few rough months (call it a settling in period) where big personal mistakes were made before eventually reaching a point of self sufficiency, and fingers crossed will develop into a viable business opportunity to all involved. But I digress (be warned it happens).

R L Surveys Ltd started trading in July 2011, initially on a part time basis but has now developed into a full time job and has been operating as such since November 2011. Whilst interest at first was slow, the business is gradually snow balling into a viable self sustaining business.

We are targeting the local markets in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London & Essex initially. We'll provide Land Surveying & Measured Building Surveying services at a competitive price whilst maintaining a high cartographic standard & solid checking procedures. Being a family run business developing lasting relationships with our clients in critical to our business development.

More details of the services we offer, and examples of our work can be found at, or you can keep in touch with us on LinkedIn, Facebook ( & Twitter (@RLSurveys).

I hope you enjoy this blog, and feel free to make comment or join in any threads you like. This won't be purely business. All work and no play................

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